So, What's Next?

Other projects are on the drawing board including more greeting cards and a series of books.  The first Brain Products' production, Take Delight in That which is Strange, was book produced in limited numbers and released to rave reviews generally along the lines of "fabulously warped" (R. Harrison, Intellectual, Olympic Medallist, and self proclaimed Mercantile Goddess).  Take Delight in That which is Strange is a collection of over 60 images and captions that examine the human experience, its unique difficulties, its anguish and its joy.  

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Books currently in the works are short illustrated commentaries on: 

Other products will include refrigerator magnets (yes, really), post cards and stickers.  Salivation alone will not get you these things, you must click to the "order" page or head to a one of your area's finer merchants to get this stuff.

Currently Whole Foods Markets are the largest purveyor of these pearls of wisdom and humor - but fear not - you can order online or encourage your local retailer of sophistication to contact Brain Products concerning vending opportunities.

Related Products

A exclusive number of high quality T- shirts were produced for the Fall 1999 Phish Tour.  These shirts were on sale at both Gorge shows (WA), the Portland Meadows show (OR) and the Boise show (ID). Phashion phorward Phish phans can still get these shirts directly from the artist if they hurry.  Show your sophistication and taste in each of the musical, artistic, and fashion realms: buy one of these gems today. Send an email to order.