About Brain Products

Business History
The roots of aLonZo Brain Products date back to 1991 and the production of original, hand painted T-shirts in the Seattle area. Shirts were painted in the humble driveway of the Clean Brother's residence (large-boat custom detailing specialists) referred to as the studio.  Painting sessions were usually accompanied by the music of the late Jerry Garcia. Today's images have evolved slowly from the simple paintings adorning those early shirts. Subsequent experiences such as accounting classes during business school and lengthy conference calls as an investment banker provided ample time toinvisible friend.jpg (150945 bytes) hone distraught looks on the simple characters. Intervals between successive finance related jobs provided more time to draw and resulted in the stunning break through of the addition of text to some of the images. aLonZo is on record as saying that "the images seem to simply flow out of my head - or at least out of the mouse - sort of like shit through a goose."  We understand that the descriptions are generated in a similar fashion.     

It is all about having fun. However, aLonZo fears that relying on the sales of Brain Products for his livelihood could eventually mean pandering to commercial interests which may destroy some of the more unique or simplistically random aspects of the work. To avoid this tragic outcome, we here at Brain Products encourage all to purchase the strangest of images and thereby reinforce the notion that strange is good from both an entertaining and a commercial perspective.

So Who is This Clown, aLonZo?

multi head - single resolve.jpg (110102 bytes)aLonZo is a washed up finance guy (took a series of wrong turns after studying English Literature at the University of Colorado in Boulder) who simply enjoys looking at everyday life from a little different angle.  Brain Products endeavors to look at life from an obvious yet often unarticulated perspective. Here simplistically strange gives us the perspective to pierce the social filters that can be blinding.